Michael Mann "Thriller Reversible"

Michael Mann “Thriller Reversible”

Michael Mann’s masterpiece “Heat” brings De Niro and Pacino together to Netflix (still on Amazon Prime Video). On this occasion, he met with historian and film critic Jean-Baptiste Thoreau, author of a recent article entitled “Michael Mann. Wonders of the Contemporary.”

This is the story of an Al Pacino-led police gang tracking down robbers led by Robert De Niro, which is ultimately very simple on paper. However, this is the classic of piracy, and moreover, according to Jean-Baptiste Thoreau, he clearly sees it in Michael Mann’s best book on cinema. Heat “The 2001 Of the pole. Although the film is now on the Netflix list, the author explains why it’s a real monument.

Jean-Baptiste Thoreau was an expert in 1970s Italian cinema and American cinema and especially in New Hollywood.

Jean-Baptiste Thoreau was an expert in 1970s Italian cinema and American cinema and especially in New Hollywood.

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What did you feel When you discovered the movie, in 1995 ?
What attracted me at the time was Michael Mann less than the meeting of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. The film’s advertisement is more about the duo than the director’s name. I go to the movies and I stay in two sessions in a row. I have the feeling that I have never seen anything like this before. The film seems to be touched by grace, and reminds me of extraordinary works like this Barry Lyndon, It feels like one is entering the world. This is the first time an American thriller has completely replaced the robbery scenes and other types of scenes that are pure intimacy. But I feel somehow buried, because the following will not prove me wrong. Is like Heat The thriller reached an irreversible level. Later, most of the thrillers created in the West were sub-Heat. Deer adjusted the codes of the genre by revisiting its entire history. There is the classicism of the 1940s and 1950s, the existential crisis of the 1970s, the renaissance of the 1980s … everything.

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