London is dedicating 6 6 billion to health care to catch up on epidemic delays

Des passants devant un message «merci NHS», en référence au National Health Service (Service de santé national) britannique, à Manchester, le 5 octobre 2021. for the National Health Service (NHS). Photo d

The Covid 19 epidemic has put a strain on the NHS, a free organization for British worship that has already suffered from a chronic shortage of staff and hospital beds.

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Sunday that the பொது 6 billion (7 7 billion) British Public Health Service (NHS) will help absorb delays accumulated during the health crisis as part of its new budget.

“Millions of patients in the UK are waiting for diagnostic tests or selective actions to benefit from the b 6bn injection to help overcome NHS delays”, Said a statement from the Treasury.

The envelope will cost 2. 2.3 billion (7 2.7 billion) to build about 100 diagnostic centers. “A Parking Store” To screen for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. One and a half billion will be used “Increasing the Capacity of Beds, Equipment and New Surgical Centers”.

The Covid 19 epidemic has increased the pressure on the NHS, a free organization for British worship that has previously experienced delays and chronic shortages of staff and hospital beds.

Already in September, the government announced that 5.4 billion would be paid to support this public service “Manage the Immediate Pressures of Infection”.

“We are determined to get the health service back on track and make sure no one waits for life tests or treatment.”Rishi Sunak, who will be in everyone’s eyes on Wednesday, said in a statement.

The Finance Minister will present his long-awaited budget and budget guidelines on the day with the aim of recovering public funds after the increase in debt generated by economic support schemes during epidemics.

In addition to the health system, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is expected during energy transitions and regional restructuring, government priorities, but he also risks announcing tax increases to finance these costly investments.

Over the weekend, his ministry has already announced investments of 26 26 billion (23.6 billion), of which 7 billion will be allocated for the renovation of trains and buses and 5 billion for health-related innovative projects.

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