Jalan Green tortures his first poles, resulting in … electricity

Jalan Green tortures his first poles, resulting in ... electricity

Six matches last night, and some highlights to eat inevitably. Logically you had a good evening if you are a fan of Lockers or Jalan Green, if you are very little with Josh Richardson or Desmond Bane. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

We start with one Top and bottom Crazy Signed Marcus Smart: Wild Tennis Schroeder hits the base and re-paints his partner in the axis, he only needs to take one exploit to deceive the defender who was placed in the fraud. Look at Sacramento, where there is a time of 24 scrolls, but it shows 13 seconds when Stephen Curry allows himself to draw the good old Maurice Jose Harkles. Is inside It is in it. In eighth place, an owl Albaren squirrel crossed the ground for the Christian Wood Cup, which he failed to even take the time to thank his Turkish friend. We go to the Staples Center, where paste the smart copy of Ja Morand Marks.Top and bottom : No trace of gravity, Isaac Newton did not sleep a night.

Serious things begin when Mo Wagner begins the movement of his life, pierced by a banana on the OP Top: the garden is embarrassing, we do not understand. Through a series of relentless pursuits we take refuge in Jaisin Date again with Alparen Chengun. Named first after a good Spiral-move This removed Josh Richardson during his college years. In the fourth stage, Miles Bridges holds the ball in James Horton’s hand and then spins his little 360 ​​in the sky over Barclays center. Meanwhile, LeBron stuck to Desmond Pane’s pack against Staples Center Plexiglas. We come back to New York for Mitchell Robinson’s fantastic applause: despite the failure, the interior keeps the lid on magic. Finally, in the first place in this top 10, an electric tomer from Jalan Green starts his best counter-attack and then actually takes a shot in the air. Results below …

See you again next night for the next Top 10, which was pretty awesome and was a little above average due to the diversity offered. Disadvantages, Safety and Big Towers, We Need More!

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