In the United States, Spanks’ boss offers $ 10,000 and a trip to all employees

In the United States, Spanks' boss offers $ 10,000 and a trip to all employees

Management – A better financial activity for employees, a better communication function for their employer. In the office, while some business leaders offer a box of chocolates or a nice bottle of wine to greet their teams, this business manager sets the bar too high by giving his employees two unusual gifts.

You can see it in our video at the top of the article, Sarah Blakely, founder and CEO of the “Spanks” women’s underwear brand, wanted to celebrate another big milestone in her business. It was partially acquired by investment firm Blackstone and is now valued at $ 1.2 billion.

To mark this important milestone, Sarah Blakely surprised her 500 employees at a party. By turning a globe to tease them first, she informs them that they will each get two first class air tickets to their preferred destination.

The scream of joy was heard immediately, but the second surprise caused even tears of joy. The American businessman has decided to pay his staff $ 10,000 in addition to air tickets.

Both announcements were shared by Sarah Blakely and her husband on their respective social networks.

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