Dolphins - Falcons (28-30): Atlanta at the end of the suspense

Dolphins – Falcons (28-30): Atlanta at the end of the suspense

Miami Dolphins (1-6) -Atlanta Falcons (3-3): 28-30

Within 10 minutes from the end, Atlanta quietly took the lead with 13 points, very easily dominating a game. Other than the Falcons Falcons, who is better than them to come back? Two dolphins took advantage 2 minutes after the game ended. But Brian Flores took advantage of his idle time and, thanks to a superb Kyle Pitts (7 rec, 163 yards) in Atlanta, set himself up for a field goal of 36 yards to win, which was just finished by Yungo Cowell.

However, Dua was better in Takovilo (32/40, 291 yards, 4DT, 2 IND). The pitcher seemed to be in good shape, finding four different goals for his four touchdown passes. The second is yet to clear his two interruptions, including a terrible reading. Once upon a time, he had the support of his running sport, albeit less. Miles Caskin, meanwhile, was able to push Miami forward to the ground.

National Kyle Pitts Day

Opposite, the Balkans can breathe, thanks to Kyle Pitts. Rookie should celebrate National Tight Day with the best sport of his young life. Matt Ryan (25/40, 336 yards, 2 DT, 1 INT), did not hesitate to look for him. In difficult situations, especially during the last movement, Pitts showed himself to be the savior of the nation, with great reception, despite having players like Jeevan Holland and Xavier Howard on his back.

This game is the renaissance of Atlanta, which will address many meetings against direct opponents such as Carolina or New Orleans. With the rise of Kyle Pitts and the rebirth of Cordell Patterson, Falcon’s offense could worry many teams, and if defense speeds up, Atlanta can do great things. This is to stop the fear at the end of the match.

Dolphins continue to descend into hell. They believed it to the end, and Dua Takovilova showed some improvement, but Miami is still far from the mark. With 6 consecutive defeats, it is difficult to know how long Brian Flores will be able to hold his seat.

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