Cotton Henrien is not alone with his album

Gaëtan Henrion - Pas si seul

How do you compose music and what is your inspiration?
I’m not putting pressure on myself, you have to enjoy things first, see, hear, eat all of these, and then digest. After that comes the writing and the music is mostly natural …
Inspiration can come in anything, especially at any time, and I have the idea that you should take advantage of this moment.

What importance do you place on the song / lyrics?
Text is required. In any case to a large extent what I hear in my song … I adore a few artists who don’t sing, but when I listen to a French speaking artist I support the text, so it’s very nice to try to take care of myself as logically as possible …

Why is it important to compose music in French?
This is my simplest language, I am fluent in it, I speak it daily …

What are your choices in the tool area?
For this album, I collaborated with “Arranger” on “Gerard Cafe”.
Together we have defined different sounds, the costumes we want to give to each song … The instruments vary according to the titles but there are many guitars, double bass, bass and drums throughout the album What is meant by “classical” … but piano, cello, violin, musical, lute , Hand pan, brass (trumpet / saxophone / tuba) air (clarinet / flute), banjo is also, very Cuban and I think that’s it 🙂

Tell us about the title Unnecessary ceremony And its clip …
Unnecessary ceremony, Which is not a proposal in the end. One way to say that love ritual should be self-sufficient, without the need for formalization … is free for everyone, but very little for me … Often, social models are subject to a kind of family pressure. Playing cards on the table …

How did the studio recordings go?
Beautifully, it was great to see the parade of all the musicians and the marks that Gerrard (the organizer) had prepared for them. It was a little stressful, but finally I was in a hurry to live again …

What do you want to offer the public with the album Not so lonely ?
From hip-hop to mussets or even a Latin song with brass instruments dancing in piano voices I think to give them musical diversity … I think some songs will make you laugh, others will shock you, or make one think, but not forgetting to entertain all of these.

Is there a story or a recklessness you offer us in your album?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like it aint for me either.
There is also a hidden song at the end of the album, which is almost not on the album because I do not have time to give voice to the music while recording. I finally returned to the studio a month later to finish the song.

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