Canada’s Competitive Bureau: Second Inquiry Aimed at Google

Canada's Competitive Bureau: Second Inquiry Aimed at Google

Is the giant Google hurting its competitors in the country? The Competitive Advertising Bureau received a court order Friday in a federal court in Canada to launch a civil investigation into the conduct of a U.S. company in connection with its online advertising activities.

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The bureau, which previously examined Google’s anti-competitive practices in Canada, said Friday that it was involved in its ongoing investigation sites and advertising, including the use of apps and images or videos.

“No decision has been made on the mistake currently being reported,” it said in a statement.

In particular, the Canadian organization wants to test Google’s practices that prevent competitors’ success, lead to higher prices, reduce selection, prevent innovation in advertising technology services, and cause damage to companies. For advertisers, publishers and consumers, we have comprehensive.

Under an order issued by the Federal Court, Google is required to “prepare documents and written answers” in the Competition Bureau for the purpose of investigation.

This is not the first time the Bureau of Competition has conducted an investigation into Google. In 2016, the Bureau stated that “there is insufficient evidence to support the conclusion that Google’s practices, other than the API Terms of Service for AdWords, were for anti – competitive purposes and / or had a preventive effect, or significantly reduced competition in Canada”.

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