Attention !: When is the last long weekend of 2021

Attention !: When is the last long weekend of 2021

The year goes on its course and some holidays are missing before Christmas. If you are planning a trip, review this calendar in detail to find out when the longest weekend is.

We are already living in the last months of the year and we have bad news: there is only one 2021 marked by epidemic Long weekend.

If we test Holiday calendar We’ll see a few more days like Immaculate Conception (December 8) and Christmas in red, but considering it comes on Mondays or Fridays, there’s only one weekend, which will be an extra day off.

When is the next long weekend?

This is November 1st, the festive date All Saints’ Day and this year Monday.


Thus, the majority stopped working on Friday, October 29th and did not return until Tuesday, November 2nd. It is important to remember that November 1 or October 31 (Evangelical and Protestant Churches Day) are not discounted holidays, so the business can invite its staff.

What holidays are coming up to close the year?

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After moving to November, the year will be in effect without holidays. Sunday, November 21 will be an inevitable one for the presidential and parliamentary elections, followed by the aforementioned December 8 (Wednesday). Sunday, December 19 is considered the second round event.

The last holiday of 2021 is Saturday Christmas.

Holiday calendar for 2021

  • Sunday, October 31st: Day of the Gospel and Protestant Churches.
  • Monday, November 1st: All Saints’ Day.
  • Sunday, November 21st: Presidential and Parliamentary elections (unavoidable).
  • Wednesday, December 8th: Immaculate Conception.
  • Sunday, December 19thSecond round of presidential election (if required).
  • Saturday, December 25th: Christmas (essential).

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