Verified: HBO buys Max Canal + Series

Verified: HBO buys Max Canal + Series

The second season of “Verified” began on Monday, October 11 and, having already been a success, opens up a new horizon for the creation of Frank Costambide, as it will soon air on HBO Max.

StudioConnel has sold its series to Warner Media Latin America (bringing together more than 39 regions in Latin America and the Caribbean), which will broadcast exclusively there via HBO Max. In addition, an agreement with Radio-Canada will allow Valido to be available on stage in North America under its international title. Additional .

“I saw the entourage, it was a dream for me, I wanted to be their friend, I wanted to be in Hollywood with them and meet Jessica Alba on Starbucks, Frank Gostambide explained in an interview with Variety. So, I told myself I wanted it for the French rap scene. Places and French rap are more than just Hollywood, sometimes it’s a criminal feature, so it was the perfect playground to mix Glitz’s and glamor with Gomorrah’s world and its epic moments, ”he added.

Canal + viewers, whether they are rap fans or not, have been watching the series extensively, with its brand new season 2, this time featuring a young rapper (Ledia Kerfa). Rob, make sure to win again. It also holds the historic record for the first day of the Canal + series.

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