Sydney will try to beat the Australian GP again

Sydney will try to beat the Australian GP again

The city of Sydney will try again to reclaim Australia’s Formula 1 Grand Prix at the expense of Melbourne, according to a local newspaper. Seven Network TV Channel New South Wales promises that the government is currently developing and evaluating the possibility of becoming the host city of the event. The heart of the project will depend entirely on the urban orbit that runs alongside the world-famous Sydney Harbor.

Seven network reports “Sensitivity and high-level discussions ongoing” Around this opportunity, the Australian Grand Prix was directly targeted at a time when the Govt was ready to invest tens of millions of dollars in the organization of major events in the most populous Australian states to accelerate the economic recovery following the crisis.

The city of Sydney and the state of New South Wales are particularly vulnerable to the virus as the months-long lockout ended recently before the situation improved with vaccine coverage. Minister of Labor, Investment and Tourism Stuart Ayers will be in charge of the project.

And according to the Seven Networks, leaders have confirmed the existence of debates, but refuse to raise the issue publicly until the potential of an urban race is fully assessed and guaranteed. The second option is to use Sydney Motorsport Park, a roundabout located west of the city, but officials will have a significant priority to create a path to the spirit of Monaco.

In light of this plan, Formula 1 cannot be held in Sydney before the 2026 season because a deal connects the first class with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation in Melbourne until the Grand Prix 2025. Other than that this is not the first time Sydney has spoken out on the matter.

Melbourne has hosted the Australian Grand Prix since 1996 after taking charge from Adelaide, where F1 went from 1985 to 1995. This event has not happened due to health crisis in the last two seasons but appears in the calendar dated April 10, 2022.

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