MLP: The Astros exploded in the 9th inning to beat the Red Sox 9-2, the series was tied at 2-2

MLP: The Astros exploded in the 9th inning to beat the Red Sox 9-2, the series was tied at 2-2


BOSTON – Jose Altwe scored a draw in the eighth inning and the ninth Houston offense on Tuesday night arose with seven runs.

The American Championship Series is tied with two wins on each side.

“Now it’s a three-game series with two home games,” Alway said after the game.

In a series dominated by Boston offense in particular, the teams traded home runs in the first inning, and then both pitchers hit six zeros in a row on the Fenway Brock scoreboard.

Carlos Correa doubled Jason Castro’s single after two strikeouts in ninth place. But it was a start for Houston, with Boston intimidating his pitchers with 10 home runs from the start of the series, including three Grand Slam records in two matches.

“They’ve been doing it for us throughout this series,” said Astros manager Dusty Baker. We can do the same. “

After Alex Breckman scored a solo Homer in the Green Monster seat in the first inning, Sander Bogarts sent a ball down Lance Town Street to give Ron Socks a 2-1 lead.

The Pitchers took matters into their own hands: it was still 2-1 when Altow started the eighth inning with a home run against Kart Whitlock.

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Game 2-winner pitcher Nathan Evldi made his first relief appearance in 2019 after returning from injury. He entered ninth and gave Korea a double. With two strikeouts and two players, Castro single-handedly allowed Korea to beat Houston.

And the Astros continued to score.

Michael Brandley had a three-point double. Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker scored the points.

“We know we need to increase the lead against this team,” Baker said. We did. “

The Red Sox, the first team in history to hit more than 10 consecutive sixes in the playoffs, had just five games on Tuesday.

Evaldi suffered defeat and conceded four points. Houston’s fifth pitcher Kendall Graveman made two clean innings for the win.

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