Car: Negotiations between Apple and battery manufacturers failed

Car: Negotiations between Apple and battery manufacturers failed

proof’s Reuters Consider now Negotiations between several manufacturers of batteries for Apple and electric cars failed. This too Reuters The rumor started last spring, citing discussions with two Chinese heavyweights in the field, CATL and BYD.

Apple is in talks with two Chinese manufacturers to produce a car battery

CATL, the first of the electric car batteries, like BYD could not meet Apple’s requirements. According to the site, Cupertino had a number of requirements, including manufacturing exclusively on American soil and above all an entire team dedicated solely to its needs. Faced with tensions with China, CATL is reluctant to set up a factory in the United States. Problems with spending would have arisen quickly and the company would have justified its refusal with the difficulty of hiring just enough talented people for Apple.

For its part, BYD already has a plant on American soil, in addition to California. But Apple is reportedly asking its own factory and its own team to produce batteries for its car, which the company has reportedly refused to supply. BYD did not answer Yin’s questions ReutersCATL, on the other hand, stated that it would like to settle in the United States and that it would have teams dedicated to each partner. However, there is not a word about possible talks with Apple, especially if we believe the rumor of the day that the talks will not be completely closed.

Some cells (screen shot) made by Panasonic to build batteries installed in Tesla cars Video Super factories)

Apple is still looking for a project B Reuters Understands that the California company is in discussions with Panasonic. This choice makes perfect sense when you consider that the deal between the Japanese and Tesla is very similar to what Apple considers. Panasonic helped finance the Tesla battery manufacturing plant in Nevada, and the technology was provided by the company, which has long been used in all cars built by the US.

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Wisely reminded Reuters, This delay in signing the contract with a battery supplier may delay the entire project. This is one of the most important components in an electric car and is struggling to meet current production needs. As a reminder, the latest rumors suggest mass production will start in 2024, in two years …

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