Austin Reeves Rookie reveals what was said in the locker room

New Los Angeles Lakers sign Austin Reeves to play with NBA superstar LeBron James next year

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After a hectic night in Phoenix, the atmosphere in the lockers locker room was inevitably heavy. Young Austin Reeves, the team’s rookie, revealed to the press the key idea that emerged from the discussion between the players between the four walls.

Heat-raising moods, a game is even more rugged and failures pile up: from the beginning of the past, lockers aren’t going much. Clearly beaten by the Phoenix (115-105) last night, the Angelinos fell 0-2 to start their campaign, and the entire canvas had already sparked their struggles.

Internally, however, no one has sounded the alarm yet. Frank Vogel, annoyed himself with a technical glitch yesterday, like young Austin Reeves (8 points in 12 minutes from the bench), wanted to put things forward.

A watchword among lockers: Patience

Inspired during the pre-season, Rookie revealed to the media what came out of the post-game discussion between players and staff in the locker room:

I mean, it’s still the start of the season. We were talking precisely that we were only together for a month now in the locker room. It will take some time, but we will get to know each other better and better on the ground, win consecutive wins, do the little things that will make you successful … but like I said, it will take time. We know, we have the right attitude and we are ready for it.

Shared an hour LeBron James, Who is not new to the questionable start of the season with super teams. In 2010-2011, Tres Amigos du Heat launched her first campaign together with 8 wins and 7 defeats in 15 matches. Biz reiterated in 2014-2015 that King would return to Cleveland with 19 wins and 20 defeats in the first 39 meetings.

In the end, LeBron’s teams advanced to the finals in both events, and the Akron native is well aware that no decisions can be made early in the season. However, the events between Davis and Howard are very surprising and rare. Denied a franchise myth.

Like the Austin Reeves, the Lakers emphasize patience and demand it from fans. But with the affordable schedule for the next matches, the men in purple and gold will not tolerate any new mistakes …

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