“You’ll be on the next list, don’t worry, in the top 5000, 409th place”

NBA Jalen Rose dégomme Perkins en direct

While some players could not get into the top 75 all the time, others were eager to see their misfortunes and laugh. A Hall of Famer was especially roastedFormer player on air public show! Words are incredibly violent!

It’s been a big announcement over the last few days, with the top 75 of the top 75 players in the NBA. We will think specifically about Tony Parker. The lack of rankings was a blow to the fans and it was protected on social networks.

Apparently, this event was followed by all the spectators of the league, but it must have been especially on the side of the show. Inside the NBA. In fact, it has many big names on the orange ball, in particular Shaquille O’Neill And Charles Barclay. Both interiors were logically selected and given their achievements. At the same time, they were already in 1997, for the announcement of the 50 best players of that time!

Charles Barclay destroys Kenny Smith for not being selected in the top 75

However, the gang’s third thief, Kenny Smith, is not as lucky as his peers. A good NBA career (13 points and 5.5 average aids) stopping by two league titles at Rockets “comforted” him:

In about 20 years, you will be on the list. When they list the top 5,000 players, you are in 409th place.

Smith can laugh about it, and we imagine it must have been a little punched! That being said, the analyst should be used to it, he is trolled in sets DNT For ages. Many years ago, he had a similar joke about not having the jersey withdrawn in the league. A pain reliever, you are told!

Charles Barclay is always very wild even when trolling in the tone of laughter. Luckily Kenny Smith didn’t take it too badly!

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