The incidence rate begins to increase again, especially among those aged 60-89


Santa Public France emphasizes that while the number of new daily hospitals for Covit-19 patients is declining across the region, it is increasing locally in some metropolitan areas.

After eight consecutive weeks of decline, the incidence rate increased from October 11 to 17, with an average of 48 new cases per 100,000 population, an increase of 10% at one-week intervals. Public Health France (SPF) released its latest epidemiological update on Thursday.

The resumption of the virus cycle in metropolitan France is particularly noticeable, with an increase in the incidence rate and the reproduction rate of the virus now exceeding 1.. The positive rate of trials also increased to 1.2% at the same time.

Small warning for those over 60

In detail, the increase in this incidence rate is particularly prevalent among those of particular age, especially those over 60: + 30% for those aged 60-69 and + 33% for those aged 70-79. Years and 80-89 years, i.e. individuals who were first vaccinated and involved with the booster vaccine against Covid 19. On Thursday, a study by Pfizer / Bioentech Labs underscored the “95.6% associated vaccine efficacy” of this third dose against symptomatic forms of the disease.

The virus cycle is highest in 100 people aged 30 to 39 (+ 5%) in the thirties with 67 cases last week. It occurs with a 4% increase in people aged 20-29.

Although there is no significant impact on hospital indicators nationally, the number of new hospitals is increasing in some metropolitan areas. On the other hand, with regard to French overseas territories, Guyana is seeing a decline in its incidence rate and the number of new hospitals.


In recent days, executives have increased calls to “accelerate” the vaccine booster campaign against Covid 19, with the possibility of suspending the health pass for those ineffective for this third dose, even mentioned by a government spokesman, Gabriel Attle.

For calls made by very low numbers, the SPF emphasizes that only 13.7% of people 65 and over have received this famous booster dose.

At the same time, Santa Public France also sounds the alarm about vaccinating adults in dangerous situations, much less than the general public. According to sent statistics, 74.9% of those involved received at least one dose and 72.7% received the complete vaccination against 81.6% and 79.6% as of October 17.

Carolyn Dutton and Hughes Garnier

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