The frustration of international students is trapped outside of Australia

The frustration of international students is trapped outside of Australia

At least 130,000 foreign students are enrolled in Australian universities unable to attend. For months, they have been taking courses online, paying high tuition fees and struggling to see the end of the tunnel.

“I feel like a puppet. They are the ones controlling me.” For fifteen months, Gregory, a Bangladeshi student from Haryana Beijing, waited to set foot at the University of Adelaide in Australia. Although she was accepted there a year ago, nothing worked: the island’s borders were closed, and international students who were not there before the spring of 2020 “could not go there to pursue face-to-face lessons.

Reported by South Chinese Morning Post (SCMP), About 130,000 students study abroad online, hoping that one day a pass will allow them to get to know the benches of Australian universities. Those who wanted to postpone their studies until they reached Australia, Victoria Cao, a Vietnamese woman, were interviewed by the newspaper, whose departure had already been postponed four times:

This condition affects not only our future life but also our mental health due to this unexpected wait.

Boundaries are gradually reopened

In recent weeks, Australia has



Hong Kong’s English language daily newspaper has been owned by Jack Ma (Ma Yun), chairman of Chinese e – commerce company Alibaba, since April 2016. This acquisition created tone freedom and strong fear


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