In London, there are more statues of animals than women

In London, there are more statues of animals than women
This statue of a lion & # xe0;  Trafalgar Square & # xe9;  t & # xe9;  To raise awareness in 2016 & # xe9;  E & # xe0;  The cause of wild animals.  (Photo: via Associated Press)

This statue of a lion in Trafalgar Square was unveiled in 2016 to raise awareness of the cause of wildlife. (Photo: via Associated Press)

International – There are more idols in honor of animals than women London. This is the finding of the study conductedArt Art UK Somewhat funded by the Town Hall of the British Capital, the results of which are relayed Defender This Thursday, October 21st.

According to the study – the first of its kind – of 1,500 monuments in London, there are nearly 100 statues to pay homage to animals, more than double that. Celebrates women. Only 1.1% of statues pay homage to people of color (0.9% men, 0.2% women). On the other hand, more than one in five is dedicated to one man (20.5%).

These results will come as the city mayor, Sadiq Khan, London on Thursday announced details of the m 1 million (approximately € 1.2 million) project to reflect the diversity of landmarks in public places.

“London’s diversity is its greatest strength”

“London’s diversity is its greatest strength, but for a very long time our statues, street names and buildings have only shown part of the complex history of our city,” he said. Evening standard.

This £ 1 million fund is the first result of the Commission for Diversity in the Commonwealth Unrolled statue of Edward Colston, A slave trader, in Bristol on June 2020.

Like many countries, the United Kingdom has questioned some individuals who were set up as heroes in the past and is now trying to celebrate characters hidden by history. Thus in Mexico, a The statue of Christopher Columbus will be replaced By the sculpture of the native woman.

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