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Baker Mayfield also has a fracture

Browns won without him, but Baker Mayfield (QB, Browns) wants to come back. The problem is, the problems are accumulating. Prior to Thursday’s game, he admitted to Fox Sports that he had suffered a left shoulder fracture in addition to tears in the lab that already affected the joint. He needs to play again and heal this fracture.

Nevertheless, he promised to return to play against the Steelers on October 31.

If his season isn’t already over, it’s not the victim’s shoulder-throwing arm. However, the injury is serious enough that it forces him to have surgery once the season is over. The information was confirmed by Ian Roboport for NFL Media.

Whitney Marcellus officially joins Green Bay

This time it is official, with Packers announcing the signing Whitney Marcellus. Released from his contract on Tuesday, Texans’ former defense will find his second NFL franchise after spending the first 10 years of his career in Houston. There, he played 134 games, with a total of 357 tackles, 57 sacks, 13 closes and 13 forced stumbles, including 2 interceptions.

He has also shown the ability to stay away from injury, which can be useful in Green Bay. Private since the start of the season To Darius Smith (LB), And for an indefinite period of time, this reinforcement will do good to the Wisconsin owner’s pass haste. At a press conference on Thursday, Matt Loughlor expressed delight at the arrival of Marcellus.

Everything I heard about him as a human being was ‘A +’. I was on the team several times against him and he was always a problem to deal with. So I think we are very lucky to be able to get it back at this time of year. He’s a guy you can’t notice, he’s been doing this at a high level for a long time. Like I said before, you don’t usually see these types of players at the moment. “

Washington football team, emails and the NFL: Congress is involved

The beginning of the big problem for the NFL? Not yet, but it gets hot. Two members of the US Congress sent a letter to Roger Coalition. All documents and contacts obtained during the investigation About the toxic work environment on the Washington football team.

It was from this investigation that the emails that led to John Crouton’s downfall were leaked. In total, 650,000 emails will be part of the investigation.


Denzil Ward (CB, Browns) He did not finish Thursday’s game due to a hamstring injury sustained in the final quarter.

By Miller (LB, Broncos) He was out of the game Thursday with an ankle sprain. The good news is that the radios have not revealed anything serious, and the player is confident in his ability to face Washington on October 31st.

– End of season Taylor Decker (OT, Lions) ? During a press conference on Wednesday, Don Campbell explained that he had been hit on his injured finger during training and that he had not responded positively. Removed from the injury list in the 5th week, Decker has not yet been activated and his coach has admitted he will not play again this year.

– Kyle Shanahan told reporters Jimmy Caropolo (QB, 49ers) He should be 100% in his team’s game this Sunday against the Colts. In order, Trent Williams (OT) Has not trained for two days and has ankle sprain. His return will be announced any day. ,

AJ Brown (WR, Titans) Not working yet due to food poisoning. He explained on Twitter that he does not currently have anything to eat at the moment. Definitely eat good food.

TY Hilton (WR, Golds) He declares himself uncertain on Sunday. Last week he won at quadriceps for his resume game, the Golds receiver said he had not trained for the week. According to him, facing 49ers is 50-50.

Latavius ​​Murray (RB, Ravens) And Sami Watkins (WR, Ravens) Lost training again. The first is hit in the ankle, the second is slowed by his thigh. (PFT)

– Calf injury, Evan Engram (TE, Giants) Not training this Thursday. (PFT)

– Despite being knocked out on the stretcher during the last match, Darrell Taylor (DE, Seahawks) dMust be on the field on Monday to face the Saints. With his neck still a little stiff, he announced that Pete Carroll Taylor would be back, having been limited to training on Thursday.

Brandon Knight (OT, Ravens) He announced on Twitter that he was leaving his team to take care of his mental health until the end of the season. Taken by Knight Ravens a few days before being slaughtered by cowboys.

They have been added to the injured list and will miss at least three games : Terence Brooks (DB, Texans, contusion pulmonaire)


Key Signatures of the Day: Andre Roberts (WR, Chargers)


– Bruce promises Arians, he wants to be deep in the running again and there is no question of exchange Ronald Jones Before the transfer deadline, November 2nd.


They dropped out of the Govt list : Samaje Perin (RB, Bengal), Dallas Goddard (TE, Eagles), Harrison Hand (DB, Vikings)


Matt Hasselbeck (QB) The Seahawks will be part of the Ring of Honor in next Monday’s game between Seattle and Pittsburgh.

Matt Rule has faith in Sam Dornold

Low performance due to his absence Christian McCaffrey (RB, Panthers), Sam Dornold (QB, Panthers) And its starting position can be seen to compete if low performance occurs. Carolina was also one of the owners mentioned for welcoming Dishan Watson. For that New York Daily News, Matt Rule returned to this position and strengthened for his current quarter.

“I’m betting on Sam. Most important to me, I, Sean Ryan (quarterback coach) and Joe Brady (attack coordinator) are doing a great job of putting Sam in the best position. He has my full attention and I hope he will train his best football in the future. I do not see anything else. “

In his current situation, it is difficult to blame the Panthers’ poor attacking performance on Donald’s shoulders alone. Suffering from multiple drops of his receivers, the Jets ’former quarterback didn’t help much. But if he wants to get a long-term contract, he needs to show quickly that he can perform better without McCaffrey.

He could have crushed many NFL records but Derrick Henry didn’t want to think about it

It seemed almost impossible to win, however Eric Dickerson’s record should have dwindled sooner, adding extra play to the regular season. Among the most serious candidates, Derrick Henry crossed 2,105 yards in 1984 when the former Rams ran again.

However, he explained at the press conference that the Titans star wants to focus on his team’s performance rather than his personal achievements.

“I try not to focus too much on this matter. How we are, as a team, in crime, I’m more concerned every week about what I can do to help my employer. How can I improve myself? ‘This record is going to happen’ or ‘ It’s more important than I have a chance to win it. Every week I try to figure out how much better I can be, a better team player, a better team leader, and go there and try to use every opportunity to win this right. “

By maintaining this rhythm, Henry can beat the number of carriers in a season and the number of yards that have traveled from the Scrimage Line, a record set by another Titans player since 2009, Chris Johnson.

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