Astros is a game from the removal of the Red Sox

Astros is a game from the removal of the Red Sox

After escaping (almost not) from a close game in Game # 4, the Red Sox pushed the Astros to the edge and tried to re-enter the series. To do this, Chris was at Sale Matt.

The latter understood the significance of the moment. First, he lived up to the expectations placed on him.

The problem? On the other hand, Framber Valdes also showed pitch. We’ll get back to that, but after four rounds, he gave nothing to Socks.

At the time, the Astros pitcher had something his Boston counterpart lacked: offensive support.

Then, it was the same Alvarez that allowed the Astros to go 3-0. He had the number of Chris Sale, and he made two more runs with a slap against the Green Monsters.

He is strong, this is Jordan.

Finally, for the first time this month, Chris Saleh bowled more than three innings. He is not right, but he is on the right track.

A Tommy returning from John will not be satisfied because he has high expectations, but he is on the right track.

After the cat was gone, the rats began to dance. Quickly, before the end of the sixth, Houston confirmed it was 6-0.

Soon, we will know how the match will end.

The Astros added a seventh point before Rafael Devars hit a long ball. It was his eighth win in the playoffs, putting him among the best players under 25 and in history.

It is too late though.

This is the only thing Framber Valdes gave in the game. With less than 100 pitches, the latter made eight innings and helped secure the club’s (excessive) continuity. The best trip of the series?

And his team rewarded him with two more points.

Final score: 9-1 Houston.

With that, the Red Sox will face elimination on Fridays and possibly Saturdays. Houston leads the series 3-2 and has a win to beat the American League.

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