The launch of the first full-fledged South Korean launcher was only half successful science

The launch of the first full-fledged South Korean launcher was only half successful science

South Korea today failed to launch a test load of a launch vehicle into Earth orbit. This was announced by South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The launcher was developed and built entirely in South Korea.

Nuri, also known as the KSLV-II or Korean Satellite Launch Vehicle II, is a three-stage liquid fuel rocket. The Colossus weighs over 200 tons and is 47.2 meters long. The launch vehicle took twelve years to build and cost 1. 1.46 billion.

She took off at 10:00 a.m. Belgian time from the Narrow space base near South Cohen. The launcher reached the required altitude of 700 km as planned and the 1.5 ton fake satellite was disassembled.

But according to the South Korean Space Research Center, the third phase came to a halt too early and had very little speed to reach a stable orbit. Both the rocket position and the pseudo-satellite crashed to the ground, indirectly burning into the atmosphere.

“Unfortunately, we have not fully achieved our goal,” President Moon said. Still, the South Korean president was optimistic and announced that he was looking forward to a “Korean space age”. The next test will take place on May 19 next year, according to the South Korean space agency.

In 2009 and 2010, South Korea tried to launch a launcher with Russian technology, but those efforts ended poorly. Finally in 2013 it works with Russian machines. Now South Korea wants to be completely independent in the field of space travel.

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