The court banned the sale of Samsung smartphones in Russia

The court banned the sale of Samsung smartphones in Russia
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The reason is a patent dispute

A Moscow court has banned the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and another 60 models of Samsung smartphones in Russia. The reason is a patent dispute. The decision was made in the operational section of an additional court decision on the claim of the Swiss company Sqwin SA.

The Moscow arbitral tribunal has banned Korean Samsung Electronics and its Russian subsidiary 61 models of Samsung smartphones from importing into Russia, selling, selling and storing 61 models of Samsung smartphones. The new device will include the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, ”reports RIA Novosti.

The request was filed by Swiss company Squin SA. He also demanded that the Russians ban the use of the Samsung Pay tariff service – a lawsuit was filed against Skinn SA, who initially invented the electronic payment system. TV Channel 360… The import of devices with the support of Samsung Bay within the borders of the Russian Federation was banned by a court decision in July,Constantinople.

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