Post-Govt Redemption: Here’s how dealers reunite with their customers

Distributeurs, comment renouer et repenser les liens avec les consommateurs alors qu’ils ont été gardés à distance pendant plus d’un an ?

Thanks to the use of the vaccine, controls associated with the epidemic are finally beginning to loosen and economic activity is gradually resuming. Consumers go further and further out and can even arrange overseas trips. This is great news, but it’s a real challenge for brands: how to reconnect with them and reconsider when they have been chasing their customers for more than a year?

The impact of Covid 19 on the business sector is definitely different. Airlines, leisure or sports companies were most affected, while companies with e-commerce channels or compliant (like some physics stores) accelerated their operations.

Brands that have modified their offers and customer journeys through online and mobile shopping, and practical options such as drive or click-and-collect have survived and prospered.

Accept a book

Click and Collect and Utilities

For example, a French dealer told me that all of its stores need to be quickly reorganized to provide services such as click and collect. This yielded the first benefit, as online sales were able to maintain only 15% of total sales normally during the first sale, and were able to sustain more than 85% of sales during the last incarceration. A radical change but important and crowned with success.

In the months, or years to come, these new habits must continue, and brands and distributors must continue their change and take advantage of them. Another upsurge in behavior, mobile apps and especially apps is constantly evolving. App Annie finds that time spent on retail applications has increased by 45% year-on-year. However, the mobile app attracts the most loyal customers, while at the same time offering many benefits that encourage the buying process. Brands can encourage customers to use these apps in stores to enrich their experience, for example by finding products more effectively, consulting reviews, integrating store pick-up or avoiding queue waiting times. Specific or non-contact fee (this allows you to apply for trust points from a mobile wallet with a single touch).

Facilitate customer travel

In a recent report [1]Forrester recognized the excellent digital experience provided by The Home Depot. A leading American home appliance company that has successfully developed a new approach to store shopping. The Home Depot app includes, among other things, a “store” mode that provides shoppers with a store map showing the port number and quantity of goods in the shopping list or search results. Home Depot has also introduced exclusive and innovative loyalty benefits, such as offering in-store tool rentals to “pro” customers who don’t have all the tools for every “job”.

In the same report, Forrester underscores that the most successful distributors are those who constantly improve their buying journey to reduce low points of friction. According to the report, it is also important to focus on meeting emerging customer expectations (such as forecast search or comparison tools). By making the in-store trip as smooth as possible, customers will have a better overall experience, so they will be more loyal to the brand.

Facilitate customer experience

Tourists and especially airlines should simplify the customer experience and choose as little contact as possible. Using features such as mobile wallets for the convenience of boarding passes or package checks reduces the need for physical contact and helps ease customer fears about the health environment while facilitating the process. Overall route. These mobile-centric initiatives help build trust among consumers who will resume their normal lives after locks.

The Covid-19 experience exemplifies investing in its mobile application and working with a reliable and advanced push notification partner. 60-65% of consumers who use a brand’s mobile processor are more valuable than those who are not; Consumers who accept a brand’s push announcements are retained three times more often than those who reject them.

Les announcements Bush

In particular, apps and push notifications are important in informing consumers, especially when restrictions are tightened. Distributors have used their apps to constantly deliver important information to customers during successive imprisonment or curfew orders: practical health measures, store opening hours, availability purchasing methods, etc. that are guaranteed to customers.

In addition, announcements are a very effective advertising tool, highlighting the latest offers in an attractive and timely manner, by promoting direct purchase feedback on the application (without relying on search algorithms) and making it possible to better understand individuals’ needs and identify them in the long run. Apple’s latest innovations for iOS 15 (summary of announcements, focus mode, etc.) and new rules based on privacy, however, require consumers to know how to collect revealed options (popular “data zero” or “first-party”) and above all how to do it. Know to take into account.

So mobile applications are full of benefits for distributors and consumers. However, convincing consumers to download an app is not always easy, so one of the innovations that can solve this problem is the “snippet” of apps. Apple App Clips and Android Instant Processors provide targeted functional functionality that allows the user to perform a task quickly and on their own without having to download the entire app. A user in the store can scan a QR code or send it near the NFC tag and the light version of the app will immediately open on his device so he can subscribe to the loyalty card and see the store ads. In another area, Caesar’s Palace uses app clips to take customers to their rooms or to book at restaurants, preventing customers from downloading the app when they do not have time.

Application clips allow the user to access key functions of the application without having to locate or download the mobile application. Helps consumers complete essential tasks and gives them a taste of the full application, which includes up to 8 hours of default notifications. If the experience is positive, the consumer will be more interested in downloading and registering the entire application and becoming a loyal user.

As the economy recovers, there will definitely be an adjustment period where brands and retailers will stumble and wonder how to reconnect with consumers and re-establish pre-epidemic contacts. However, one thing is for sure: there is an urgent need for consumers to re-evaluate store trips and mobile offers. Because providing the best experience mainly goes through the mobile they have in hand.

Author: Patrick Marouil, Director General of EMEA, Airship


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