Music Box Films takes American rights to “lost illusions”

Music Box Films takes American rights to "lost illusions"

Music Box Films holds US rights Lost illusions, Xavier Giannoli’s adaptation of the classic comic novel Honore de Balzac Summer 85 Actor Benjamin Voice. Sicily from France (French dispatchSaverio Dolan (I killed my mother), Vincenzo Lacoste (Sorry angel) And Gerard Deportie co-star.

Lost illusions Presented at this year’s competition at the Venice Film Festival. The Colcova French Film Festival will have its North American premiere at the closing ceremony on Sunday, November 7 in Hollywood. The film premieres in France on October 20.

The Music Box is planning a theatrical release, followed by a home entertainment release in North America.

Voisin plays Lucian, a young poet unknown to 19th century France who left his family printing press in his home province to try his luck in Paris. He soon discovered the dark side of the art world dominated by profit and fiction.

The music box oversaw the 2018 US release of Giannoli’s play Origin With Vincent Lyndon.

“I’m pleased to distribute another fictional film by Xavier Giannoli,” said Brian Androtti, head of acquisition of Music Box, who has signed with Alexandr Cazanett of the Commont Sales Group. “This is an unusually two-century-old satire on the luxuriously edited periodical and the concerns of the modern concept-social media age that promotes journalism and fake news.”

Lost illusions It is a co-production of Umedia with Kyrosa Films, Camont, France 3 Cinema, Pictanova, Gabriel Inc. and Olivier Delbosk and Sidoni Dumas.

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