Index – Tech -Science – NASA will cool the volcanoes to prevent them from erupting

Index - Tech -Science - NASA will cool the volcanoes to prevent them from erupting

Today Volcanic eruptions They measure amazing catastrophe in their environment, but all of these are dwarfed by the energy of super volcanoes. There are thousands of times more volcanoes on our planet than the volcanoes of the Canary Islands, Hawaii, Iceland and Italy.

Implementing any of these will spray more than 1000 cubic kilometers of material into the air, leading to food and water shortages.

Toxic volcanic ash will spread across the semi-continent, lowering the average temperature of the next decade by 10 to 12 degrees, causing material damage and power outages that will completely paralyze society.

One such volcano is the Caldera in Yellowstone National Park. Although its last eruption was at least 660,000 years ago, it has been several years since its last two eruptions. NASA has been evaluating its program since 2017 to somehow prevent Caldera from reactivating.

To avoid a catastrophe, the volcano will be cooled by a special system never seen before in the world.

By pouring water into a 10 km deep hole drilled near the volcano, they begin to cool directly in the lower part of the magma chamber, and for centuries, they will cool the magma approximately every year.

The idea is not yet fully mature, and scientists are exploring whether the drilling will start a volcano, but it is certain that it can be extracted in parallel from the volcano. Geothermal energy It will be of great help to mankind.


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