In the Gillian Hayes problem, his coach reacts

Killian Hayes avec son coach aux Pistons Dwane Casey

Gillian Hayes, who wrote the worst performance at the start of the regular season, was disappointed. There may be reasons for this, however, especially since his coach praised him after the meeting.

Against the Bulls with Detroit, Gillian Hayes didn’t really manage a dream start. Instead, the French ended up with a bad point line at a loss (88-94), 5 rebounds in 0/6 shooting, 2 assists and zero points. Not a pretty sight, so to speak … especially since Kate Cunningham was not there, he had plenty of room to express himself in theory.

However, there appear to be circumstances that detract from his performance. According to piston expert Omari Sangofa, Hayes fell during the game and it bothered him, however he should not miss. Also, as his coach Davey Casey said in person, not everything is throwing for the leader. The latter would have been particularly useful in half of his field:

Worse in the attack, Gillian Hayes on the other hand ensures security

Dwane Casey said Corey Joseph had given them excellent defensive leadership and that Gillian Hayes’ defense was firm.

Last year’s defensive level was already very interesting, especially with a good ability to fly balloons, so the guy confirms this plan. And then he’s still young, so let’s not forget that he can progress. An Internet user summarizes the situation:

People leaving Gillian Hayes are also unhappy that the team will soon drop Chris Middleton and Spencer Dinvidi. The kid still can’t drink legally, he hasn’t even played for half a season. Relax

It’s only a game at the end of the day, though it’s not really that famous. However, especially if Kate Cunningham returns, we hope Gillian Hayes can raise the bar quickly.

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