In Melbourne, the sixth prison term finally ended: "Good puzzle!"

In Melbourne, the sixth prison term finally ended: “Good puzzle!”

On Friday, October 22, at midnight local time, residents of Australia’s second largest city finally regained their freedom. After spending more than two hundred and sixty days since the outbreak on the island-continent, it was time for celebration.

In short Australian newspaper Age In an editorial, “This is a world record and we must not forget it.”. Melbourne, the second most populous city in the country, From March 2020, not less than two hundred and sixty days In prison. In total, there were six, which made an impact “Be on the roller coaster” Paradoxically, the newspaper that wants to be optimistic is:

Melbourne’s sixth lock, fingers crossed and tapping the tree [qui avait débuté le 5 août] Will be the last. “

A prediction was dictated by two factors: first, Australia abandoned its use of the “zero govt” strategy, which aimed to eradicate the virus from its territory altogether; Second, the progress of the vaccine (which was delayed this summer) makes it possible to approach the future more calmly.

“People will be a little freer”

“As the percentage of vaccines approaches 70% of their two doses, we are quickly achieving the goals needed to relax the restrictions,” he said. Welcome Age, Who are excited about the new life coming (or the old existence coming back):

On Friday, the people of Melbourne will be a little more independent. Finished, you were allowed to leave your home for five reasons. Instead, tick the boxes for ‘Hairdresser Meeting’ and ‘Restaurant Dinner’. Invite friends and family to hug and chat? Thank you with pleasure. Bad Curfew Ends: Good Relief! “

Philosopher, turning the page, wants to believe that the Melbourne newspaper still has positive pages today:

There were also some beautiful moments to enjoy. As most of us retreated to our local communities, care and support activities increased. Small actions make a big difference to those in need. Teddy Pierce appeared in the windows, food was left outside the front doors, and phone calls to see if everything was okay became normal.

Expressions of solidarity, for their part, should not be forgotten.


Founded in 1854, this daily, retaining all the teeth, is hard to prioritize. In Merleborn, Sydney’s intellectual, art and financial rival, he is official. Very Australian-Australian, rather cultural, he tries sometimes


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