"A Specific Picture of an American Indian"

“A Specific Picture of an American Indian”

As its name implies, “The Path of the Sioux” is dedicated to the so-called “American Indians”. In fact, if you want to know more about the lifestyle of “Indians”, it is necessary to step back.

Here, we will focus on their representation through the Western and European eye. To do more things right, the Musசிe des Association in association with CREDOC conducted a survey among the French: “What is their view of the ‘Indians?”. For most French people, the Sioux smoking silence pipe, hunting savagery, nomads, dancing around the fire: all of this is due to the clichேd maintenance of the Wild West show, novels and cinema.

We tried to keep track of this scene. We wanted to question him since he was still (…) the idea was to look for this iconic constructionJohn Gormier, project manager of the exhibition, explains

This is the meaning of the first scene on display, a grand and fast-paced scene, with an introductory phrase, “A specific picture of an American Indian”.

Place an exhibition of 158 pieces used in the performances of the famous Wild West show in Europe by the famous Buffalo Bill. Helmets, jewelry, Tomahawks, paintings and photos: “This is the most unique collection in the world“, According to owner Franசois Claudioque. To Yoann Cormier,”In the scene of the buffalo bill, even the American defeats against the Indians had a wind of victory“.

Be careful, here again, not the costumes of the pre-colonial period, but the ornaments used on theatrical tours of the late 20th and early 20th centuries.

Then, place the famous “Western Romans”. Again, the exhibition seeks to show visitors how the collective imagination was created by the American campaign.

Hollywood also plays its part: Kevin Costner and John Ford’s films are screened at the end of the lesson to allow viewers to see with a new eye.

Arrival takes 30/40 minutes, prices are free for students and up to nine euros for adults.


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