What is a virtual reality environment and how does it work?

What is a virtual reality environment and how does it work?

Virtual reality It allows us to fully immerse ourselves in a real experience, but with the technology used, it is very close to reality. It is used in various fields such as medicine, tourism, education or entertainment. This is no longer the technology of the future, it depends here, but what is the virtual reality environment and how does it work?

What is VR?

Virtual reality creates a Stage, imaginary system Or simulated with a look similar to reality. It surrounds the user in an amazing 3D environment. Virtual reality environments, through computer-generated simulation, try to bring us closer to the true senses of our senses. To live this kind of experience, two components are needed: a communication device such as a content generator and VR glasses.

Today’s virtual reality technology includes all kinds of add-ons to make the experience as close to reality as possible: surround sound systems, mirrors, walking platforms and many more advanced controls. In this way it is achieved that we are not fully engaged Virtual reality games, But without leaving the sofa at home on operating room functions or virtual trips.

Virtual reality game

This is how the VR environment works

The process of initiating virtual reality simulation begins by placing some VR glasses. We can start living as soon as we wear glasses Deep experience With motion controls, control the experience through a screen and move our body through the virtual environment. The Software The video game engine used in this type of experience is capable of delivering very realistic and high-resolution images. The presentation of this process converts an information Three-dimensional display, Lighting, textures and 2D frames. Having high-performance graphics cards is essential for the operation of virtual reality applications, because for optimal experience, a rate of at least 90 frames per second must be achieved.

When creating content and virtual reality contexts, there are three possibilities.

Entertainment of real scenes

To recreate an actual scene, it is necessary to use a 360 degree camera Record the selected location in detail and take a photo. Once we have documented the space with videos and photos, it is necessary to send them to the developer for digitalization. Although it sometimes gives us the impression that we are observing a real image, it allows all the scenes that are part of a virtual reality environment to be fully created and even organized with a computer Virtual events With assistants.

Virtual world

Another way to create virtual reality content is to create 100% imaginary environments. In this case, the photos or videos were not taken in real space, but the design of the virtual world was created entirely by the imagination of the developer. This method is widely used to create virtual worlds of video games, but it is also used in the world of medicine or architecture. This leads us to reflect that not everything that is digitally designed has to be an exclusively invented world. For example, this technique can be very effective Project Buildings 3D On a plane.

Use both methods

It mixes virtual contexts based on real scenes and adds new elements. For example, this method would be a good choice Guided tours of museums For natural environments. You can recreate a cave based on images taken in 360 degrees and add elements like a virtual avatar in the form of a tour guide.

Virtual reality scenarios

Characteristics of the virtual environment

Every virtual reality system or environment has some key characteristics that should achieve a good experience.


The basic feature is to immerse the user in the new environment and feel as close as possible to reality. This is achieved through the user’s full external view using VR glasses and sound canceling headphones.


The ability for users to interact with the scene and control the elements that make it up. Lifting objects and interacting with other characters enhances the feeling of immersion in the virtual environment.


Story-based experiences that gamers want to stay in for a long time in a virtual reality environment. By Good stories Users can create a more emotional state with the virtual reality device and environment.

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