Weather, snow |  Meteorologist: - Do not be afraid!  Tomorrow it will be double digits

Weather, snow | Meteorologist: – Do not be afraid! Tomorrow it will be double digits

Southern Norway was cold on Tuesday. Now the area gets double digit number and plus degrees. Western Norway and central Norway will be wet during the week, with strong winds in the north.

After Tuesday’s snowfall, eastern Norway can expect something completely different on Wednesday’s weather forecast, while northern Norway will face yellow danger warnings.

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It was a great start for afstafjells with snow and sleet in many places. Those who are not ready for winter, do not be afraid! The Meteorological Center writes on Twitter and says what Easterners have:

– Tomorrow it will be double-digit temperatures and sunlight for almost everyone.

Temperatures up to 14 degrees

State meteorologist Ranweek Eagle, based on the Troms, explains to Netavision:

Wednesday will be a very mild day with temperatures ranging from 12-14 degrees. Occasionally there will be clouds, but some sunlight.

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The first snowfall of winter in eastern Norway – many accidents on the roads

– Then it will be cool

Throughout the week there is a lot going on in the weather front:

– Wednesday this week will be a mild day, and then it will be cold, at least in western Norway. Here, rain is expected every day until Saturday. In eastern Norway, we think we are getting more shelters, but in the western Akter districts it is likely to rain a little, says Eagle.

He says there may be snow again in the mountains in southern Norway, but the meteorologist is currently unsure about the snow boundaries.

Saturday seems like a good day in the East and West. Weather is expected in the region on Sunday before a low pressure area develops from the southwest. It will mainly bring rain like rain.

– West Norway can also expect strong winds from the northwest from Thursday. The most reliable forecasts are not yet available, but it could be up to a severe hurricane. The state meteorologist told Netvision that the wind would be calm over the weekend.

Central Norway: Rainfall during the week

Central Norway can also expect some rain during the week. On Saturday, central Norway will also have a short break before a new rainfall field takes effect.

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the north

In the Northlands and Troms, people can melt themselves with strong winds for several days. Meteorologists have issued a yellow alert.

– Low pressure is approaching from the southwest and strong east winds will blow in the north over the next few days. Initially, the Northland just took a beating, but on Tuesday the wind increased in the drums, tweets Meteorologists According to NTB.

The wind can accordingly Danger warning Bridges can be closed, creating problems for boats, planes or other traffic.

Electricity can also be broken by falling trees, and snowfall in the mountains can lead to column driving or completely closed roads.

It will rain on Tuesday today, which is pulling for Trams and Finmark. Trams and Finmark are mostly like snow, Norland is still a little different. The temperature is slightly higher, especially in the south. Rain and snow.

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