“Fusion”, land of fire

But which fly struck the scientists? Some of them harshly criticized John Amel’s film (released in 2003), arguing that it was script based. “Misconception of the laws of physics”. Who can answer precisely: “So what? To be honest, this story about orbiting the Earth’s inner center and causing spectacular accidents is fascinating but useful: isn’t it a movie-disaster genre law? , He opposes Soki Kario, so we have to penetrate the depths of the earth to regulate objects with a series of nuclear explosions.

It’s packed with classic SF, John Amil (“Summerspi”, “Hot Voltage”) pasty and somewhat French-made special effects. In that sense, the movie is neither worse nor better than the other: however, it should be viewed on an XXL screen, with full sound. One hundred and thirty-five minute explosions and acts of heroism: To see on a rainy day, you have nothing better to do.

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Wednesday, October 20 at 8:40 pm on the Paramount Channel. John Amelin (2003) American action film. Aaron Accord, Hillary Swank, Delroy Lindo. 2:14.

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