Education: Two-day strike in Algeria from November 2

Teachers may not be able to keep up with the pressure of exceptional education programs, but this decision is triggered by the erosion of purchasing power.

In a press release, Gnabest outlined the impact of the catastrophic decline in purchasing power and the severity of the current social situation, and considered the results of the first school year as a complex school in all areas that weighed on the professor.

During its last National Council, CNAPEST called for improving purchasing power, which is experiencing a dangerous unprecedented decline, for which the teacher’s salary should be increased in line with the improvement of his social situation and make him economically and socially comfortable.

The professor’s home file demanded that its stability and priority should be given as a basic and necessary means to better accomplish its classic functions. And renewal of the region’s compensation subsidy.

In addition, Cnapeste called for reducing teaching time and creating new jobs.

He stressed the need to protect the right to use the union and all the achievements made through the trade union struggle.

The move, which takes place within a month of the start of the school year, is illustrated by the general situation in which the sector finds itself, both socially and professionally, underlined by Cnapeste’s spokesman Mesoud Baudiba in urgent statements.

On the purely professional side, he notes that there is a lot of pressure on teachers due to the amount of hours imposed by exceptional programs, and in some schools, this is added to the fitness conditions of the profession because it is a health protocol. Is far from being respected.

In an attempt to solve some impossible situation, the school leaders simply merged the two teaching groups, creating anarchy that the teachers could not bear.

For all these reasons, he explains, Clutch’s choice has become inevitable.

Assembled under the banner of Interstitial DL Education, many departments are not only pending due to the risks and demands of the opposition returning to the attention of supervisors once classes resume. But above all is the erosion of purchasing power.

The special law must strictly adhere to the duties of the supervisory authority in relation to the revision of the salary scale, the re-establishment of proportional retirement without age condition, the amendment of schemes and teaching methods, the amendment of trade unions in the field.

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