Boeing is trying to fly its space capsule in the new plane in 2022

Boeing is trying to fly its space capsule in the new plane in 2022

Boeing Is now targeted “First half of 2022” After replacing three faulty valves that canceled that test in August, the company said Tuesday it will try to re-test its Starliner space capsule.

Engine, which must be used NASA Go with its astronauts International Space Station (ISS), Suffered a series of setbacks, which significantly delayed the project.

This important test in the absence of passengers is now being considered “First half of 2022”John Wolmer, director of Boeing’s commercial flight program, told a news conference.

He added that the next test flight involving a crew could take place “Maybe at the end of the year” 2022. “We want to be six months late between flights,” he said.

On August 3, the output was canceled just hours before launch because 13 of the 24 valves of the propulsion system were closed during the final tests..

The Boeing crews determined that the malfunction was caused by a moisture problem, which, in contact with the oxidation in the system, produced nitric acid, which helped to block the valves.

They are all now open except for the decision not to open for further analysis. “We are removing the three valves and replacing them with new ones.”, Said Chief Engineer Michael Parker.

The removed ones will be sent to the NASA Marshall Center, where they will be scanned to verify that the cause of the problem was actually imagined.

In front of SpaceX

Starliner capsule should be one of two SpaceX Named the Dragon, NASA allows its astronauts to fly back from American soil toward the ISS. Since the launch of the spacecraft in 2011, the US company has relied on Russian rockets.

But if SpaceX has already flown less than a dozen astronauts to the ISS, including the Frenchman Thomas Baskett, Boeing still has to pass this first unmanned test aircraft, which has to prove that the capsule is safe.

It was first tried in 2019, but then came close to disaster due to a software issue.

Starliner must have returned to Earth early, and then experienced a serious air disorder when the capsule entered the atmosphere during an investigation. It took several months to make the changes.

The test run was finally tried again in August … with the misfortune we know.

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