A dog bought on Facebook has killed a woman’s brother and cut off both legs after biting her husband.

Un perro comprado en Facebook mata al hermano de una mujer y deja a su marido necesitando una amputación de ambas piernas tras darle un mordisco


19 October 2021 21:43 GMT

The animal was sold with false credentials and was found to have no vaccine history.

A resident of the British city of Colchester said on Tuesday that a dog had killed her brother and bit her husband, whose legs had to be amputated.

His brother, Barry Harris, bought the Akita Inu dog – a breed from Japan – for more than $ 2,000 from a dealer on Facebook last May, unaware that the pet killer had deadly bacteria on its nose, Reports Daily Mail.

In July, the woman’s brother died at home three days after the dog bit her hand, causing an infection and a heart attack.

A month later, the animal was bitten when Pauline’s husband, Mark, walked by. The woman explained that her husband’s health had deteriorated in two days, with his body “purple” and his legs “like ice.” According to doctors, his body was caused by a bacterial infection caused by a bite.

The man, who has been hospitalized since the end of last August, will have all his fingers amputated and will lose both legs next week due to sepsis. “It’s like something out of a nightmare. You can not believe it happened,” said his wife.

The dog was euthanized because doctors described the Mark Day bacteria as “incredibly serious.” In addition, when the documents were checked, it was found that the animal was sold with false certificates and had no vaccine history.

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