The meteorite fell on the woman’s bed while she was asleep

The meteorite fell on the woman's bed while she was asleep

A woman in Canada is said to have been awakened by a meteorite falling through the roof and falling into bed while she was asleep.

According to The New York TimesRuth Hamilton, 66, was sleeping well at her home in British Columbia when she awoke and found herself out of this world because a “rock” had collapsed through her roof and landed directly between the two of them. Pillows on her bed, she was guided at the time of the “explosion”.

Fortunately, Hamilton did not appear to have been injured in the incident, although the report states that the 2.8-pound rock went through his roof and covered his face with “dry debris” after making a hole in the ceiling at night. October 3. He immediately called emergency services, after which police arrived at his home.

Hamilton said the officer on duty initially suspected it may have come from a construction site on a nearby highway, but they found that “workers did not make any explosions at night.” However, Professor Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario later confirmed that the charcoal ash rock was a meteorite “from an asteroid.”

Researchers at the University of Calgary shared reports from two other locals who said they “heard two loud rises and saw fireballs spread across the sky.” According to Professor Brown, these people may have witnessed the beginning of a rare event because a meteorite collision makes such an intrusion into one’s 100th billion.

Although it is a known fact that meteors flow towards the Earth every day, only a few of them break the atmosphere and land. In cases where they hit the ground (or someone’s bed), scientists are given an extraordinary opportunity to study space rocks and learn more about them in terms of their size, shape, mass and more.

For example, scientists recently estimated that the most dangerous asteroid to hit Earth between 2021 and 2300 was one in 1750, while another researcher explored an asteroid discovered in the Algerian desert last year and actually determined it. Part of an ancient planet older than Earth.

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Minor Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / UCAL / MPS / DLR / IDA

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