October 19, 1930 Sky: England-Australia: Kingsford Smith’s recording test

October 19, 1930 Sky: England-Australia: Kingsford Smith's recording test

Flight History – October 19, 1930. In February 1928, pilot Bert Hingler achieved a breakneck speed on the England-Australia connection, creating this route by air and establishing control of the Avro Avian 581E pipeline, a single-seat aircraft. . Pilot Kingsford Smith will drop the date of his arrival in Australia on Sunday, October 1930, 1930.

Departing from Croydon Airport on October 9, 1930, Kingsport Smith took five days less than Bert Hingler to carry out the airstrike, thus setting a record in ten days five hours and twenty-five minutes.

The pilot followed the following route to Australia: Rome, Athens, Aleppo, Bachchir, Karachi, Allahabad, Rangoon, Singapore, Sarabjia and Adam and End, Port-Darwin airport, this October 19, 1930. “South Cross Jr.” Piplane type flight before 2 p.m. “Southern Cross Jr.”, based on the Avro 616 Avian IVA, is a modified aircraft with 120 horsepower Gypsy Mark II engine from the Haveland aircraft.

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