LeBron James et Russell Westbrook, ticket gagnant pour les Lakers ?

Lockers, old and new

To analyze – Champions in 2020, LeBron James’ Lakers return with the oldest staff in the NBA to win the title. Too old?

Do lockers like good wine? With only captains LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and young Dylan Horton-Tucker (20) upsetting their entire staff, Angelino did not really play the young card. Really the exact opposite. Old and new in Angels. With a few future Hall of Famers, Tinsel.

Russell Westbrook, Kent Bosmore (32), Wayne Ellington, Diane Jordan (33), Demons Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo (35), Trevor Arisa (36) and Carmelo Anthony (37) joined “King James”. 37th birthday at the end of the year. Avery Bradley also turned 31 in November. Of the key players on the California team, only “AD”, 28, did not reach his thirties! Malik Monk (23), Kendrick Nun (26) and Frenchman Seco da Doumboya (21) are slightly below average. “Avoiding teasing is not enough”elders home

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