“I don’t know if I will go to Australia”

While conditions for playing at the next Australian Open will be very difficult for the unvaccinated players, it is not yet certain whether Novak Djokovic, who does not want to be vaccinated, will go to Melbourne.

Novak Djokovic has not yet started the tournament after losing the historic Grand Slam calendar after losing the final of the US Open against Daniel Medvedev, but he will be in the Rolex Paris Masters for two weeks, then in the ATP before the Masters in Davis and the final in Serbia. Interviewed by World No. 1 Serbian Newspaper after missing Indian Wells for the past fortnight FlashAlso, the next Australian Open is specifically mentioned, in which he is the current champion. While ensuring that conditions are strict for non-vaccinated players (isolation at the hotel without being able to train), When he mentions that he does not want to say whether he has been vaccinated or not, Serb admits that he still does not know if he will go to Melbourne.

As I understand it, the government and Tennis Australia will make the final decision in two weeks. Like this year, there will be a lot of restrictions. From what I heard from my agent, they try to improve conditions for all players, whether they are vaccinated or not. Considering all this, I am not yet sure if I am playing in Melbourne. There is a lot of speculation on the media side as well, which bothers me a lot. The media puts a lot of pressure on people. There is now too much vague and too much information that is not valid, then it is valid, then it is not. I didn’t talk much (Vaccine) Because everyone guessed based on what I said a year ago. I will not say whether I was vaccinated or not. This is a personal matter and according to our law, whoever asks you, you can blame them for asking you. This is a crazy question. More and more people today allow themselves the freedom to ask a thing and condemn a person. It sows fear and panic among the people and I do not want to take part in it. I have the impression that everyone is hostile to me. I don’t want to give them a reason to write about me. I tell you, I don’t know if I’m going to Australia. Of course I want to go. Melbourne is my most successful Grand Slam.

He has actually won nine times and will undoubtedly have a better chance of winning the 21st Grand Slam, surpassing Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. But the epidemic is questioning everything.

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