Gentia and Timothy Solomon, an enchanting couple in London

Gentia and Timothy Solomon, an enchanting couple in London

The “Tune” group on the red carpet at the BFI London Film Festival concluded this Sunday. Denise Villeneuve’s film actors wear each other’s most elegant outfits to protect the film. Zentaya wore a jacket made entirely of metal chains, with a brown and cream checkered skirt. A look unique to its original character. Sharon Duncan-Brewster was dressed in navy blue, while Rebecca Ferguson was dressed in white. For their part, Jason Momova and Timothy Solomon were both in tuxedos. If the actor known for starring in “Game of Thrones” had chosen a plate set called Timothy Salamet, he would have worn a dress with blue and yellow floral patterns.

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Rain of stars on the red carpet

Other celebrities from the world of cinema attended the event in the British capital. We saw the regi-gene page, Netflix starrer “The Chronicle of the Bridgets”. But actress Dakota Johnson, the singer for him Chris Martin recently announced his love for the entire concert. Maggie Gillenhall, Olivia Coleman and Jesse Buckley also posed for photographers. British actress Ruth Wilson was also on hand. The latter won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series, thanks to her role in the 2015 film “The Affair”. Ten days later the ceremony ended this Sunday. The winner, which was selected as the best film of the year, was Pana Panahi’s road film “Hit the Road”.

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