Everyone should enable this new WhatsApp function

Everyone should enable this new WhatsApp function

Messenger service depends on competitors with the most important aspect.

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It added final first encryption from the standard five years ago. Thanks to this security measure, about 100 billion messages are currently stored per day, which sends an average of more than two billion users to each other every 24 hours. Now the Messenger service is finally introducing end-to-end encrypted backups. However, these are not implemented by default. The release of the new update is already underway. The new functionality should be available on all users’ smartphones within the next few days.

Google Drive and iCloud

All WhatsApp users who place a high emphasis on security and save their chats (preferred) outside of their smartphone should definitely enable the new security function. In particular, end-to-end encrypted backups are available for Google Drive (Android) and iCloud (iPhones).

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Be sure to enable this new WhatsApp function

Be sure to enable this new WhatsApp function

Unreadable and inaccessible

Users can now protect their uploaded chats with a password or 64-digit encryption code. The Facebook subsidiary says that if you use this end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp or the backup provider (Google or Apple) will not be able to read secure chats or access the key needed to open them. In a blog post.

So funktioniert´s

The new security functionality is currently only available on the latest version of WhatsApp. Anyone who has already received the update can use it immediately. End-to-end encrypted backups work on iPhones and Android smartphones as follows:

  • Settings To open
  • On Chats> Chat Backup> End-to-end encrypted backup Tap

  • “Further” Select and follow the instructions to generate the password or key.
  • On “Completeness “ Tap and wait until WhatsApp creates an end-to-end encrypted backup.

Benefit over competition

With the new security feature, WhatsApp also works for competitors that have received the highest number of visitors in recent months. According to their own information, they stand alone with the new. “Comparatively no other global news service offers the same high level of security as its users’ text and voice messages, media, video calls and chat backups.“So, WhatsApp.

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