Un couple divorce après avoir perdu un ticket de loterie gagnant de 3,5 millions d’euros: "Nous sommes heureux de ne pas avoir gagné"

Divorce of couple who lost lottery ticket winning M 3.5 million: “Glad we didn’t win”

The joy of this British couple discovering that the note was missing quickly turned to “torture”.

Martin said the victory soon exposed their differences and led to fights. Following these recent events, the married couple ended their relationship.

Both now believe that losing this ticket is a good thing, saying that there is no guarantee that it will give them the happiness they expected.

The couple, who were living in Watford at the time, realized they had won the lottery six months after buying the ticket in 2001. Despite frantic searches, the couple could not catch the ticket. They won because the jackpot numbers matched what they played each week.

The computer records of the lottery proved that Q had purchased the ticket with the correct numbers. However, they fell victim to a little known rule that lost tickets must be reported within 30 days.

Martin told the Daily Mail: “Seizing that money is torture. For a long time, I lost sight of who I was and what I believed. But I can honestly say today that I’m glad I did not get 3.5 million. There is no guarantee that it will have given me happiness.

The lawsuit was probably funded by public figures, including Sir Richard Branson and Tony Blair, who demanded millions of euros in prize money for the lottery. Winners are not entitled to receive this money, unfortunately, until the couple is tested and separated.

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