Did Jeff Bezos swear before the US Congress?

Did Jeff Bezos swear before the US Congress?

The The Wall Street Journal Five members of the House Judiciary Committee have sent a letter to Andy Jassi, the new CEO of Amazon. Share their doubts with them Some claims by Jeff Bezos. In the summer of 2020, the Amazon founder was asked by the United States Congress in the wake of a hopeless investigation. Did Bezos lie under the truth?

The credibility of Bezos’ speech to the US Congress is no longer there

Lawmakers believe Jeff Bezos may have lied to members of Congress … Republicans Gerald Nadler, David Ceciline, Ken Buck, Pramila Jayapal and Matt Gates asked Amazon to provide “Hard evidence” For Supports testimonials from Jeff Bezos and other corporate executives At the hearing before the US Congress in 2020. Recent reports suggest that the company is deliberately copying the products of the latest third-party vendors. Allegations denied by the employer of the company during the investigation.

In fact, an extensive survey was conducted Reuters Reveals that it is the Indian branch of Amazon Properly copied The products of its third-party vendors for its own brands … If in doubt in e-commerce, this time, there is evidence to attest to the facts. According to investigators ‘findings, Amazon owns copies of its third-party vendors’ products, in addition to copying them. Also featured in its search results. Following these revelations, members of the US Congress call Jeff Bezos to account.

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Lawmakers have stressed the credibility of reports of unfair practices by US companies. They mention: “At best, these reports confirm that the Amazon authorities deceived the group, and at worst, they prove that they may have lied to the U.S. Congress in violation of federal criminal law.”. Legislators have also said they will consider Capture the Ministry of Justice to start a criminal investigation. An Amazon spokesman denied the allegations and confirmed that executives were not lying to Congress.

In 2019, Amazon Associate General Council Nate Sutton confirmed that the company will not use personal vendor data to strengthen its strategy. Instead, he explained, the company used as much data as possible Give him an accurate idea of ​​the performance of a product type… The border is thin. For its part, Bezos said in 2020 that Amazon has a policy aimed at protecting the data of its third-party vendors. He noted in this regard: “If we find out that someone is violating this policy, we will take action.”

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