Camila Fabri: Wife of businessman Alex Chapin - Crimes - Justice

Camila Fabri: Wife of businessman Alex Chapin – Crimes – Justice

Camila Fabri, 27, married a businessman from Paranquila Alex Chop Since 2014, they have had two daughters, aged four and one.

After learning from him on Saturday that the Saab extradition process to the United States was over, the woman – from Caracas (Venezuela) – promised: “My husband was abducted by the United States (…) We were also abducted by the United States. Family.”

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Camila’s second wife ChopNicolas Maduro is facing a lawsuit in Florida for seven cases related to money laundering for $ 350 million.

The model, who has appeared on television from time to time, went from working in a clothing store in Milan (Italy) in 2012 to renting a house in Perioli in 2016, on the radar of European authorities, for, 5,800. Month

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In 2013, according to Italian officials Camila He bought a truck for 54,000 euros, and in 2018 he bought a building worth 4.7 million euros. The property was located in a specialized field.

This left her in the sight of Italian authorities, who in 2020 identified a bank account – with the image of a millionaire – in her name. In fact, the building went to the destruction of domination.

Camila, who had an affair with a famous football player, is being protected under the Maduro regime. Authorities have not denied that he provided his name to move the millionaire sum from the United Kingdom.

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It has not been ruled out that an arrest warrant against him will be issued internationally if he leaves Venezuela.

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