Gentaya, Timothy Solomon … The “Tune” group visiting London

Gentaya, Timothy Solomon ... The "Tune" group visiting London

The “Tune” group was at the BFI London Film Festival on Sunday afternoon.

The “Tune” cast has given a great lesson in style again. Zentaya, Timothy SolomonJason Momova, Rebecca Ferguson and Sharon Duncan-Brewster were in London on Sunday afternoon to present the film by Denise Villano, who attended the PBI London Film Festival. The festival ends Sunday after a ten-day competition.

The 25-year-old American actress wore an open-back crop in metal chains and a blade wrap skirt. The 42-year-old “Aquaman” artist chose a three-piece blade suit. Dressed in a blue Toilet de Jui, she wore a white ensemble with the film’s protagonist, Rebecca Ferguson. Sharon Duncan-Brewster wore a long black dress with a belt at the waist.

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The famous London Ferris wheel, in front of the London eye, the entire cast posed outside. The film is still highly anticipated in the UK. It will be released in English theaters on October 22nd.

On October 10, “Tune” amassed 2.21 million subscriptions and apparently topped the French box office.

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