Easily transfer WhatsApp data from old phone to new phone!

Easily transfer WhatsApp data from old phone to new phone!

Internet Desk: Information is invaluable in the current technological age. That is why social media and messaging processors take many precautionary measures regarding data security. In particular, messaging processors such as WhatsApp provide end-to-end encryption technology to protect the information shared by users. However, a few days ago, WhatsApp announced that it would back up data that users had backed up with end-to-end encryption. This allows users to store their WhatsApp data in Google Drive or iCloud. However, cyber experts believe that the information stored in the cloud storage will not have end-to-end encryption protection as WhatsApp says. Let’s see how to securely transfer backed up data from WhatsApp from old Android phone to new Android phone without uploading to Google Drive, iCloud.

Be careful on processors like this.

To do this you need to use file compression utilities such as .rar (.rar) or zip (.zip). Also your phone should not be connected to WiFi. Are compressed or zip file applications safe before installing, and are they used to reduce the size of all files and send them as a single file? Whether or not is to be examined. To this end, cyber experts recommend that you thoroughly review the reviews received for these applications.

Local backup first

If you open the WhatsApp processor on the old phone and click on the three dots on the right, you will see the settings option. Once there, click on Chat Backup in the Chat option and select Backup. A local backup folder will be created on your phone’s storage. If it appears on the screen that you want to backup Google Drive .. you do not want to ignore it. You need to uninstall WhatsApp from your old phone.

How to zip?

Go to the Google Play Store on your new phone and install RAR or any other file compression utility. The application displays data related to the phone’s internal storage. It contains In the Android / Media folder, select the ‘com.whatsapp’ folder and click the Add Archive button. On some processors, the Archive button appears when you click on the ‘+’ icon to the right of the processor. Then all your WhatsApp data will be converted into a single file in ‘.rar’ or ‘.zip’ format.

On a new phone ..

The zip file needs to be transferred to the new phone with features like Bluetooth or NearShare. Then you need to unzip the file with the help of compression utilities. WhatsApp must be installed on the new phone. Suggest selecting Google Drive for data backup to install the app. The phone will show the files in storage if you did not do it correctly. Recovering them will bring all the data in your old phone WhatsApp to the new phone. You can use your WhatsApp account as usual on the new phone again.

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