CodinGame sells for American CoderPad

The CodinGame Developer Recruitment and Testing Site was purchased by Coderpad, a company that specializes in remote and San Francisco-based technology interviews. The general purpose? Propose evaluation methods based on the efficiency of the coders rather than the resumes.

Based on Montpellier, a site that specializes in both code testing and developer recruitment, Coderpad, a site that provides online technical ratings, was purchased for an undisclosed amount. The company has developed a tool that allows its customers to conduct interviews in more than 30 programming languages. Based in San Francisco, Goldman has more than 3,300 users worldwide, including Sox, Netflix, Slag or Stripe, and has hosted more than 3 million tech interviews so far. Both companies have co-founded and co-founded their brand, their organization and their teams, along with Amanda Richardson, Cotterpad and Frederick Desmoulins.

As we approach, both actors have a common task: to reconsider recruitment based on technical skills rather than CVs, diplomas, or professional experience: “We share with Codingcom’s view that CVs and diplomas are not news for identifying and recruiting technical profiles.” Officer Amanda Richardson said in a statement. “We have a common observation word: recruitment by talent,” says Frederick Desmoulins, co-founder and CEO of Codeine Game.

A community of 2 million coders

The meeting will also appeal to Kodin Game’s global community, where more than 2 million developers from all walks of life will be able to improve their programming skills and find potential employers. The French startup’s 1,000 international customers include Nasdaq, Electronic Arts, Samsung and Facebook. Both groups already have multiple customer references, including the Tactolip medical appointment site. Functionality for the CoderPad is part of an outdoor development with a roundtable led by the Summit at the end of 2019, with the acquisition of Adaptilab, a machine learning and data science tool, last summer.

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