Chavez Grant Cheese Factory in Maison-Fine (Cruise) needs Afghan workers

Des travailleurs afghans indispensables à la fromagerie Chavegrand de Maison-Feyne (Creuse)

Habib is a shepherd in the mountains of Afghanistan. The wonderful landscapes he was forced to leave in the mid-2010s. Since 2015, the 28-year-old has worked as a versatile operator. Savacrant, A cheese factory in Maison-Feyne with about 100 employees. “Everything is going well here, no problem,” he said with a smile, near the metal shelves filled with freshly crafted cheeses. “I live with my family in Kurat. I got married in September,” Cruz seems to have found new stability.

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Twenty Afghan refugees in Chavez

Hawab is one of about 20 Afghan workers employed by Chavez. An approach that began naturally in the mid-2010s Integration WeekIt took place from October 11 to 15, 2021. A national event proposed by the government to promote integration of new foreigners and especially refugees.

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We want to show that welcoming newcomers to our territory is a win-win situation.

Virginie Dorby (Cruise President)

Refugees must “integrate within our national boundaries. This includes learning the language and our way of life, but to meet their needs through work,” Cruz defended the state representative on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, who visited the Chavez Grand Factory, but also in Oceania. These twenty refugees were needed to run the factory, so to run Greece. Because we know what Save Grant is bringing to the region.

Farid, a former U.S. military aide, has been serving in Chavez since 2019.

Recruitment difficulties

The views of the managers of the company have been confirmed. Mark Savage, the company’s technical director for Afghan workers, said: “Fortunately I have them, especially for positions of production operators.

Refugees, I fully accept them. It is a shame to speak in bad words about those who have suffered. If we were in their case, we would be very happy to get the house

Mark Savagerant (Technical Director of SavageGrant)

Focus on “long-term” integration

The heartbeat of deportation, Farid still enjoys it every day. The 34-year-old has been working in Chavez since 2019. He has been separated from his relatives since the mid-2010s. This former U.S. Army employee is worried about his family. My family members stayed in Afghanistan. They have problems because they work with the government. My wife is in Iran. I want them to come too, ”he said.

This is a topic that constitutional authority does not want to highlight as part of the integration week. As Virginie Darbull reminded us: “For two years, three years, five years we have been dealing with the basic, long-term issue of the integration of the people there.

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Text: Franசois Deloitte

Photos: Bruno Barlier

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