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Call to expel fake “rasd” from AU

The law states that the expulsion of the demonic “Rost”, an armed group backed by Algeria that does not have the characteristics of a sovereign state, corrects an “unfortunate mistake” made by the OAU (African Unity Organization) and that only sovereign states that insult the AU should be included in its structure. Essential: Supported the participants in the seminar under the theme “How to Solve the Sahara Problem – Strengthening the Stability and Integration of Africa”.

Organized by the Peace and Conflict Research Institute (IPCS) and the Tanzania Peace Foundation (TPF), the event unanimously stressed that the solution to the Moroccan Sahara problem involves the expulsion of the toy company. “Evidence of secession and instability” in Africa.

Former Foreign Minister Bahmi Saeed Ibahim underlined that “being + rasd + within the AU is a serious violation of international law and the Charter of the Pan-African Organization.” The legal components of a state, i.e. territory, population and power to be exercised.

The African Union must correct this “historical error” which affects the credibility and neutrality of the Union and is an obstacle to resolving the Moroccan Sahara issue, Mr. “The only realistic and definitive solution” to this long-standing controversy.

According to diplomat Amin Lagidi, the only Moroccan who was invited to this important seminar, the so-called “roast” within the AU, actually opposes Morocco. To an NGO that is unable to make a firm contribution to the organization and maintains its warmth.

He recalled that this “non-governmental” and “non-sovereign” organization was allowed into the OAU during a political and ideological conspiracy. Law of the Pan-African Organization.

The same story happened to Orlando Simba, the executive director of the Bana African Congress in Kenya, who said two-thirds of AU members did not recognize “Rost.”

He therefore called on African countries to work together to end the divisions within the Pan-African system and to strengthen the unity of the Union and the continent by expelling this organization.

Plenty in the same direction, the editor-in-chief of the South African media group, “Star”, Sifiso Gift Mahlango, said the conflict was the result of Algeria’s “toxic” policies, which have been supporting the ghost organization for decades.

The artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara is unfortunately a “major obstacle” to Africa’s march towards integration, peace, stability and progress.

For his part, Cosma Bahali, Managing Director of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS), stressed the importance of initiating an intellectual response to find practical solutions to the Moroccan Sahara question. The Autonomous Initiative has been hailed as “credible” and “serious” by the UN and most African countries.

According to Andrew Caquia, director general of the Rwandan Information Agency (ARI), the presence of “Rasd” within the AU is “in complete contradiction.” A mutually acceptable political solution to this regional dispute.

Forty people from Rwanda, Kenya, the Comoros Islands, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa attended the seminar.

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