Alex Chop, Maduro’s artisan, was extradited to the United States

Alex Chop, Maduro's artisan, was extradited to the United States


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After sixteen months in detention in Cape Verde, a Colombian businessman in the service of the Venezuelan government was extradited to the United States on Saturday where he was charged with money laundering.

In the Colombian press, he is considered “Straw man” By Nicolas Maduro. Alex Chop, 49, a Colombian businessman, was arrested in Cape Verde in June 2020 during a technical shutdown on his way to Tehran on a private plane, and was extradited to the United States on Saturday after sixteen months of legal twists. He believes in the total support of the Caracas regime, presenting him as a Venezuelan diplomat and accusing the United States of keeping him. “Captured” Regardless of his diplomatic immunity. His lawyers added in a statement that Cape Verde was coming “To ignore the centuries-old tradition of international law”.

Alex Chop, accused of money laundering in Miami in 2019, is due to be arraigned in court in Florida on Monday. The Venezuelan opposition and many journalists who have studied the characters say they know everything about the corruption of the Nicolas Maduro regime. The Venezuelan power ensures that it undertakes humanitarian work to buy food and medicine in exchange for oil in violation of Western sanctions. He was most recently appointed Government Representative to the Schedule of Conversations with the Opposition in Mexico City. Caracas angry over Venezuelan parliamentarian and speaker …

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