Respect Swisscom quality …

Respect Swisscom quality ...
Optical fiber networks at the heart.
Optical fiber at the heart of networks.

Swisscom wants to create and manage its own networks, regardless of its own principles of competition! The Federal Administrative Court (TAF) reminded him of this a few days ago. He also confirms the steps taken by Comco in December 2020!

Title of TAF Press Release Could not be clear: “Swisscom must comply with fiber optic standards”. It therefore agrees with the Competition Commission (COMCO) and confirms the interim action ordered against Swisscom. Once explained here.

Comco alert by a competitor

Warned by a small rival, Comco opened an investigation in December 2020, aiming to legalize the legitimacy of Swisscom’s new network construction strategy, which wanted to stop installing four optical fibers from exchanges to private homes. A solution that ensures full access to its competitors …

A surprising development, because Swisscom has always supported the laying of four threads to avoid past mistakes. This practice is most surprising as it was verified between 2008 and 2012 by the Round Tables organized by the Federal Office of Communications (Comcom) and the Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM) with telecom companies.

Swisscom is not reliable …

“The TAF pre-trial raised complex technical and economic questions as well as initial legal questions regarding the nature of the cartel law and practice.

In his own press release, Swisscom, which now works closely with Uppo, says, “I’m so sorry for this decision.” TAF, for its part, is taking a very clear position. It “refers to the misconduct of a company that dominates the range of technological development within the meaning of art. 7 of the Cartel Act”. Very clear, isn’t it?

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In Cherokee, we underscore the arrogance of Swisscom again!

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