On October 25, ULEZ will expand beyond the city center

Panneau de l'Ultra Low Emission Zone

ULEZ (Very low emission zone) Indicates the lowest emission zone in London, with access only to low emission vehicles. On October 25, the latter will be widely extended.

As part of a device to significantly reduce pollution in the British capital, the Town Hall will significantly expand the perimeter of the low-emission zone, allowing motorists’ emissions to reach their pre-epidemic level. A deadline is expected for motorists whose daily lives are severely affected.

Diesel vehicles prior to 2015 and petrol vehicles prior to 2006 will not be allowed in the area

ULEZ London’s lowest emission zone was established in April 2019 in the heart of the capital. Every day of the year, except December 25, the Town Hall is set up to reduce the maximum amount of air pollution that is harmful to the environment and the health of citizens.

As a result, vehicles that do not meet certain criteria are forced to pay a daily charge of charge 12.5 to travel in the area. What are these criteria? Diesel-powered cars must meet the Euro 6 standard, which means petrol vehicles (Euro 4) must be out of circulation after September 1, 2015 and 2006. In case of violation, the fine is £ 160 (halved if paid within 14 days).

The Ultra Low Emission Zone has already contributed to a 44% reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions from roads within the zone.

On October 25, 2021, ULEZ will move beyond the city center

The DFL website explains, “Air pollution is not just a problem in central London, many parts of the city have exceeded legal pollution limits. Pollution levels across the capital have returned to pre – epidemic levels.

Map illustrating the extension of ULEZ to London
Source: TfL

London’s lowest emission zone now extends from A406 (North Ring Road) to A205 (South Ring Road). Note that the location does not include those roads. In other words, old and polluting vehicles will no longer be allowed to travel from Harringay to Lambeth and from Ealing to Newham. Restrictions sometimes compete to offset a specific ban for residents of London, the mayor has proposed a scraping scheme (Scrapage projectULEZ makes it easy to replace a vehicle that does not meet the standards. Despite this initiative, thousands of motorists were seen rejecting or rejecting their request: the real pin for them when the deadline is within two weeks.

Make sure your vehicle complies with ULEZ standards before October 25 to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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